Gratitude During Stressful Times

Gratitude During Stressful Times

November 26, 2020

Gratitude During Stressful Times

During these challenging times, gratitude takes on a new dimension. We have all had to go  inward to appreciate the things that perhaps we did not pay attention to before the pandemic. We’ve all had the opportunity to consider who and what really matters to us.  Perhaps we have a new appreciation for people and things we may have taken for granted.  And so much of it comes down to social connections—our relationships with family and friends. 

Covid - 19 has touched everyone. Even if we haven’t contracted Covid or lost someone we  love, we probably know someone close to us who has. And even if we are still employed and  haven’t faced significant loss of income, we surely know others who are struggling financially  this Thanksgiving, We most likely have been separated from friends and family members.  

Having a Gratitude Mindset means having the inner strength to be positive and thankful at all  times, even when life gives you every reason not to be. 

Gratitude is a practice that builds on itself in a variety of ways, creating a sense of possibility,  awe, abundance and satisfaction in our everyday lives. Countless studies report how giving  thanks as a regular practice can improve our mood, reduce anxiety, and increase a feeling of  connectedness to others. For many, the holidays can be a challenging time for us to find  gratitude. Holidays are stressful and full of expectations that sometimes we find hard to live up  to. Here are some ways to practice gratitude, and perhaps help you to develop a daily habit  that can be enjoyed all year round. 

Daily Gratitude Meditation  

Developing a regular meditation routine is one of the best forms of self-care, and it’s something  that anyone can do. You can begin with a few minutes of a gratitude meditation when you open  your eyes and increase it from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes daily. Loving-kindness meditations are another way to foster love and kindness towards yourself, your loved ones, as well as every  

person out there. During this time, you can sit and focus on the things you’re grateful for and  give them your complete attention.  

Nightly Gratitude Routine  

We all have a hectic life and finding time to be mindful during the day can  sometimes seem impossible. Spend some time before bed - no more than 10 minutes -  writing down something you did that made you feel grateful. This can be anything that brought  a smile to your face, an interaction with a family member, or coworker, that reminded you how  much you appreciate them. Be specific and write why you appreciated the action and how it  affected you. 

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not this weekend, we  invite you to take time to reflect upon the blessings of 2020. Even the littlest ones matter the  most during these unusual and challenging times. Loving intentions and acts of kindness keep  us all going when times are difficult. 

Please remember that thanking others, feeling gratitude for yourself, appreciating nature, and  being grateful for all-that-is, can help balance any feelings of separation, loneliness, sorrow,  grief, or anxiety this year that this season may amplify for you.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!