About The Joyful Parent

Carol Passmore created The Joyful Parent to help children and parents connect using healthy coping mechanisms, and compassionate support, and rediscovering a love and joy for parenting beneath it all. For parents struggling to find that joy in parenting and experiencing challenges with understanding their child's behavior and needs, The Joyful Parent is a wonderful support network.

Carol has years of experience as an inspirational parent coach who's goal is to help every parent understand their child and learn more about what they are trying to communicate through their behaviors and words.

Heart-Centered Communication & Listening With Our Children

Carol helps parents from all across the world learn how every aspect of the family dynamic may need to change in order to make true progress. When parents are feeling overwhelmed, need help, and are dealing with very challenging behaviors, it can be all too easy to stay stuck in a mindset of victim mode which can downplay accountability and self reflection.

The Joyful Parent's main focus is to shift and change how parents approach the often difficult task of understanding behavior, embracing progress, and working towards a future of joy, love, and support.

Carol's approach is to move away from the psychotherapeutic model of solely focusing on the child's behavior, medications, and the too common belief that only the child needs to change.