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Are you struggling to find the joy of parenting. Do you love your child yet have challenges understanding their behaviors and needs? Carol Passmore is an experienced inspirational parent coach who deeply understands children and how and what they are trying to communicate to us through their behaviors and words. Carol has worked with families for over 25 years in schools, private practice and in the home to provide parents with compassionate tools and strategies but mostly instinctual insight of how to guide your child to their unique potential.

Carol Passmore is an inspirational holistic parent coach with over 25 plus years of guiding parents through their children's challenging behaviors and creating strong connected families. Carol's vision is to create an online, holistic coaching program to bring joy to ALL!

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This year’s holiday season will be especially challenging, marked by the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of this long year of disappointment and frustration, it might feel difficult to look forward to and embrace the joys of the holiday season. How can your family celebrate and find new traditions to create that reflect the true meaning of this time.

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During these challenging times, gratitude takes on a new dimension. We have all had to go inward to appreciate the things that perhaps we did not pay attention to before the pandemic.

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